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Social media management services


Strategic planning, execution, and monitoring of your company's presence on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Tik Tok, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

Social Media Management x Grand Marketing 101

Our social media management services helps to build a strong online presence, nurture relationships with customers, and leverage the power of social platforms to achieve business objectives.



Scheduling & Publishing

Trend Research & Adaptation

Social Media Audit Services

Get A Social Media Audit To
Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Ready to remove the stress of knowing where to start on social media? Not sure of what to post? Or want to check the quality of your content? A social media audit will evaluate the performance of your current social media efforts to determine the effectiveness and relevance of your content based on your audience's behaviors, interests, engagement and preference's.

Social media post results

Making A Social Impact

That Sells

We Focus On

Utilizing the power of social listening to strategize and curate content that connects with your target audience

Maintaining a focus on actively engaging with your audience to build a community of loyal customers

Stayin up-to-date on current trends across social platforms and industries to increase reach and maximize strategies

Strategy Planning

Our strategic content planning services builds a step by step plan on how your business can utilize social media platforms to achieve specific goals including:

  • Increased brand awareness.

  • Targeted marketing to reach specific demographics, interests and behaviors.

  • Increasing website, traffic, community building, generating leads and boosting sales.


Looking to build and maintain a strong online presence for your business? Our content creation services will ideate and create content that effectively engages your audience while also:

  • Learning the language of your customer to tailor content specific to your audience.

  • Adapting to the ever changing social media trends to optimize your content for maximum reach and impact.


Grand Marketing 101's social media graphic design services assist in enhancing your overall brand identity further contributing to the success of your social media marketing. We also:

  • Focus on creating graphics that encourage engagement that increases content visibility across platforms.

  • Stay updated on design trends and moments to stand out in your industry to keep your business relevant and appealing to current audiences.

Social Media

Grand Marketing 101's social media advertising services offers your business the opportunity to leverage the reach and targeting capabilities of social media platforms to promote your products, services and promotions to grow your brand or business. Social media advertising can also:

  • Re-engage users that have previously interacted with your business leading to higher conversion rates.

  • Take advantage of the millions of social media users to reach a wider audience and increase brand visibility.


Our team will assist your business in strategically selecting influencers that align with your brand, it's goals and target audience. We use the power of influencer marketing to:

  • Collaborate in creating campaigns that generate higher levels of engagement than traditional advertising

  • Reach a target audience that trusts influencer recommendations and are ready to spend

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