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Business Marketing Services

At Grand Marketing 101, we understand that each client and their business is unique. This is why we create strategies tailored to the needs of each company to ensure you're getting the results you desire. As your go-to marketing source, we provide several services as well as classes for marketing interns to get their foot in the door to success.


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Social media is the number one way to grow your business in this day and age. If your business isn't on a social platform, then you're missing out on thousands or even millions of new customers. Our social media services help you grow your audience, make sales, create brand awareness, and teach you how to drive traffic from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and many more social platforms.
Our social media services include: 
Social media management
Content Creation
Social Media Audits
Social Media Strategy Calls

Wedding Website Design on tablet, iphone and computer

Your business's website is where you will send each customer and is also the place where your customer will interact with your business. Creating a website can be a lot of work for business owners with little to no experience. Grand Marketing 101 is here to help!

Our website development services assists you with creating a space unique to your brand while bringing your vision to life. Our main focus will be to create a easy customer experience through your website. Responsive web design is important in website development to ensure that no matter the device your customer is using the experience is seamless and user friendly.

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If your website is fully developed but you're not gaining any organic traffic then that probably means your website's SEO needs some work.

SEO or search engine optimization is how customers find you using search queries via Google, yahoo, Bing, etc.

Knowing how to correctly set up your website and using the proper keywords and content strategies can help drive 10x more organic traffic to your business directly from a single Google search.


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With ideation calls, you get 30 minutes with one of our marketing professionals in which we will do a quick audit of your social media, website, and answer any questions you may have for how to take the next growth step in your business journey.

These phone calls will help you produce new ways to gain traffic or create the next idea for your business to double or even triple sales. 


Marketing Membership Subscription

Grand Marketing 101 membership subscription is one of a kind! Level up your marketing tactics across social media, SEO and digital platforms with exclusive content, monthly member box delivered to your doorstep, and free website and social media audits. As a member, you'll receive perks that non-members don't, including:

  • Exclusive marketing content that's unavailable on our free platform

  • 10% OFF services of $100 or more

  • 15% OFF services of $200 or more

  • Monthly membership box with topic focused information, how-to's, and assignments to help you increase traffic, sales, followers, subscribers and more

  • Free website audits & recommendations

  • Free social media audits & recommendations

Marketing techniques & strategies you will learn:

  • How to create a social media marketing strategy (including Instagram marketing)

  • How to write a business marketing strategy

  • Best practices for social media marketing, so that you can build a community and loyal customers online

  • Best practices for digital marketing, to help you make sales via email marketing, search engine optimization and blogging

  • How to create website content that converts clicks into sales

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Not sure of where to begin? Book a free marketing consultation with one of our experts to help you discover exactly what your business is missing

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