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About Grand Marketing 101

Grand Marketing 101 was formed and created by Erica Raquel, with original dreams of just being a celebrity fashion designer, she realized that fashion is nothing without marketing. After taking several online courses, interning under expert marketers and learning the ins and outs of social media growth tactics and strategies, she knew it was time to help others.

In 2020, during the time of quarantine Erica saw thousands of new business owners looking for help and knew it was time to answer her calling of helping those small businesses that had no marketing guidance. This is when Grand Marketing 101 officially took it's place in the marketing industry.

Grand Marketing 101 is a luxury business marketing experience to make any business, no matter the size feel and grow like a top dog while being able to expand their marketing knowledge.

Growth doesn't happen instantaneously which is why we'll provide each business with the tools, services and strategies for long term business success and consistent growth.

When you choose Grand Marketing 101 as your marketing experts, you aren't just getting paid marketing services, you're also receiving tools and tips to take along your journey as an entrepreneur even when you aren't paying for our services.

Digital & Social Media Marketing Services

With a wide range of marketing services, Grand Marketing 101 is your go to for all marketing services, tips and how-to's and much more. Our marketing experts will audit your business, your business strategy, your website and social media pages to find the best strategy to help take your business to the next level in growth and success. Our marketing services include:

Social Media

Creating social posts and content ideas for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,  YouTube, Tik Tok and more. 

Website Development

Creating a stunning website to showcase your product or services. Includes a responsive design website for customers to have a proper mobile user experience.


Helping your website and social media pages gain organic traffic using proper SEO strategies fit for your unique business.

Ideation Calls

Get the next steps and ideas for your business to gain paid or organic traffic. Get ideas to move customers from the brand awareness stage to the convert stage in the fastest ways possible for your business.

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