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The Basics Of Being A Business Owner: What You Need To Know

The foundation of everything is what makes that thing worth it. A house wouldn’t be a house if the foundation fell apart easily or wasn’t completely developed. In that same way, a newer car can barely sustain the damage of a fender bender because of the downgrade in materials used.

The features are remarkable to look at or use but the foundation in which it was built isn’t strong enough to sustain any potential downfall.

The same goes for your business! This is why it’s time we remember to embrace the basics!

New business owners jump right in and completely overlook these crucial parts of starting a business:

  1. The Audience

  2. The Marketing Strategy

  3. The Brand

How and Why The Basics Are Needed For Each Of These Categories:

The Basics of The Audience:

Your audience is the lifeline of your business! This is a well-known fact! What’s unknown is just how essential it is to connect to your people! How do you know how to connect? By going back to the basics of communication. The basics of great communication is one person talking/asking and the other person listening and responding.

This is why the basics of communication is how you find your audience/your tribe! You can never know if people like a certain color or prefer one thing over the other unless you ask!

The basics of your audience is going out of your way to communicate with them about their likes and desires and you using your business to deliver.

The Basics Of The Marketing Strategy

Everyone knows that making a plan before doing anything makes doing that thing easier to tackle. Plotting out a way to go from step A to step B helps you succeed and relaxes your mind from the chaos that just jumping in could cause.

The same goes for strategizing a plan for your business marketing!

From the start of your business, you’ve come up with different ways to present your product/service to the world. This is only half of the plan you should be putting together.

What should a marketing strategy consist of?

  1. Everything you’ve learned about your audience which will help you decide which marketing tactics to use

  2. Deciding if your business will use influencer marketing, paid marketing, content marketing, etc.

This should get you on the right track to creating a successful marketing strategy!

The Basics Of The Brand

How do we get back to the basics of a brand?

Your brand is what will speak to everyone that comes across your business through your site or social media. This means that no matter where they go, they should already know that it is your brand!


Through “brand consistency”!

Your brand consistency means that all fonts, colors, logos, profile pictures, etc. are consistent through every platform including your website. This is the one thing most businesses get right every time.

People may believe that colors and fonts don’t matter but they are mistaken! Both colors and fonts both convey messages, no matter the image or the word being shown. So when choosing colors for your business be aware of the emotions and message you’re trying to get your audience to feel.

Another valuable note is to make sure that if you change your color scheme acknowledge it and let your audience know even if they see it. At the end of the day you never want your audience to mistake your business for another!

Understanding how to put these basic factors together will guide you to creating a successful vision and action plan for your business!

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