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The #1 Thing Your Business Is Missing That Is Keeping You From Making Money

If you’re an entrepreneur then you understand the difficulties of marketing and reaching your target customer. At times it doesn’t come down to whether your product is good or bad but more so about the what, why, and how of your product. When customers come to your website for the first time, they aren’t only searching for products but wanting to get to know more about the business. Learning more about a person and a business establishes a connection between you and your potential customer.

How do you provide your potential customer information about you and your products? Through blog posts!

A blog is one of the few things you need to have on your website before developing your website. Read more about the other things you need to have before launch/relaunch date.

You may be asking yourself, “why is a blog necessary for my business”?

There is one very important reason to include a blog on your site, even if you’re not a blogger

The #1 Reason A Blog Is Vital To Your Business Growth

Well, just like the blog you’re reading right now, The primary purpose of a blog is to provide valuable information regarding different topics.

As a business owner, it is your number one job to keep your customers eyes on your product and ONLY your product. Before your customer even has an opportunity to ask a question, the answer should already be in front of them. This is where your blog comes in handy.

A great example would be if someone stumbled across your product/service through Instagram but didn’t completely understand how they could utilize it. You write a blog post explaining how a potential customer could use it and how it could benefit them. To help your customer easily discover the answer to their question, you name the blog post “How to Use ABCDE and It’s Benefits.” This way even if they google how to use ABCDE your post should pop up in the results.

Now that you understand the “why” of having a blog for your business, you’re probably wondering what will your blog posts be about and the topics you should cover.

Now that you understand the “why” of having a blog for your business, you’re probably wondering what will your blog posts be about?

Blog Post Ideas For Any Business

9 Blog post ideas for any business niche

These are just a few ideas but note that there is always a blog post within a previously written blog post.

The more you break down the how-tos and benefits for items and services the more of an idea the customer has of why they need you above anyone else’s.

The Summary

  1. Creating a blog for your business can potentially bring in more profits

  2. Blog posts should provide valuable information that drives your potential customer to become a customer

  3. Look for ways to create new blog posts from previous blog posts to provide as much value as possible

  4. Always remember that benefits are more valuable than features (but features can also lock in a sale)

What will you do to improve your business?

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